Metadata file '...' could not be opened -- PE image doesn't contain managed metadata.

edited February 2021

We have a nuget package that includes a native dll (it is Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SNI.x86.dll - which we had to include to resolves some other issue on our way to adopt .NET Core) and anytime we add it to LINQPad, LINQPad stops working with the error message in the title. As a workaround we can delete the files but this causes LINQPad to prompt to redownload the package which restores the files and then we must delete them again.

I see this error has appeared a few times here since 2015 but I don't see any permanent resolution. Is the only way to create a special LINQPad version of our package that doesn't include these files?

I'm using version btw, thanks! I tried testing v6 but the nuget feature isn't enabled w/o purchase.


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