I cannot browse Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) tables, etc. with LINQPad 6

Note: this works fine in LINQPad 5. Is there planned support for this in LINQPad 6 or am I doing something wrong?

  1. Select Add connection.
  2. Set Build data context automatically.
  3. Set Default (LINQ to SQL), the LINQPad driver.
  4. Set SQL Azure.
  5. For the server, specify the name of the Azure Data Explorer cluster: help.kusto.windows.net
  6. Set Active Directory - Integrated, for signing in.
  7. Select Test to verify connectivity.
  8. Select OK. The browser window displays the tree view with the databases.

I should be able to browse through the databases, tables, and columns at this point, but it failed for me. When I attempt to expand the "Samples" database, I get the following error:


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